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Astrid y Gaston – Lima

I was attended to by three brilliant waiters and waitresses, who all speak English quite competently . . . Jason, Anibel and Cindy. Flawless. Truly flawless service.

Amoramar – Lima

Amoramar hits a home-run across the board. One of the top 3 restaurants in Lima along with Astrid & Gaston and Rafael. All worth a visit.

Juicy Lucy – Lima

By the way, these burgers are the same burgers you’d get at the fancy Carnal steakhouse, but the cost is about 40% less. So, unless you’re trying to impress someone by valet parking your Ferrari, best to save your burger urge for Juicy Lucy, the burger joint.

Cancino – Mexico City

The service was good. And the prices are slightly less at Cancino than Café Toscano. And of course, you have to give it extra points for the plentitude of French bulldogs in the audience.

Capital Grille – Mexico City

Capital Grille’s franchise location in Mexico City offers highest-quality steaks and seafood, albeit with a hefty price-tag. It’s “the” place in CDMX to entertain clients.

Chuchito Perez – Mexico City

Chuchito Perez is one of the new breed of upscale Mexican gastropubs offering an interesting fusion of Mexican, Asian and European cuisine to accompany a full range of cocktails and beers.

Nicos – Mexico City

This dining experience was so bad, in fact, that we’re adding Nicos to our list of overrated restaurants in Mexico City. It can proudly join Maximo Bistrot, and Biko on that list.

A Taste of Mexico

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