Puerto Madero

Chila Buenos Aires Puerto Madero

Chila, overlooking the boardwalk on restaurant row in Puerto Madero, offers the closest thing in Buenos Aires to the look and feel of the new breed of upscale dining venues in cities like New York, London and Tokyo. The décor is minimalist, subdued and austere. Perhaps a little too much so. On a recent visit our waiter was friendly and informative, and the service was flawless. Chila offers two multi-course tasting menus in a flexible format allowing the diner to choose between four items on several courses. It’s a creative menu and on our latest visit, every course was near-perfectly executed.

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Sucre Buenos Aires Belgrano

Had we been publishing this list a decade ago, Sucre would have been near the top of the list and still is as result of the unwavering attention to detail in execution and service. Sucre offers a heavier-handed and more “rustic” approach to gourmet. No tweezers or chopsticks on the pass at Sucre. Just good food, dish after dish. The décor is impressive, including a huge glass wine cave in the center of the room. This all adds up to an memorable dining experience.

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Palermo Soho

Crizia Buenos Aires Palermo Soho

Crizia was one of the first restaurants we reviewed in Buenos Aires, preparing for an article on romantic places to dine for St Valentine’s Day. It still retains that sexy, candlelit ambiance that led us to select it for that article a couple of years ago. And since the restaurant specializes in fresh oysters, a known aphrodisiac, you’ll have all bases covered for that romantic dinner and whatever follows. Whether bellying up to the oyster bar for a dozen oysters on the half-shell or opting for some of the more sophisticated and beautifully plated appetizers, main course dishes, or desserts, Crizia is an excellent choice for an evening out.

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Pura Tierra


Pura Tierra Buenos Aires Belgrano

Pura Tierra’s trademark is a variety of dishes cooked in a clay oven. This emphasis is a breath of fresh air in a city where cooking meat over a pile of hot coals is an obsession. Pura Tierra has a warm and sophisticated environment. The cuisine bridges the gap between the light and almost whimsical offerings at Chila and the earthier cuisine at Sucre. No matter where you live or stay, everything they do at Pura Tierra is good enough to warrant the trip to Belgrano.

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San Telmo

Sagardi Buenos Aires San Telmo

You don’t hear much about Sagardi in the local press, but this Basque restaurant is easily one of the best in the city. Beautiful design and décor in a large venue. It has a more rustic and Mediterranean feel than the other restaurants in this category. We love this place. Comfortable. Classy. Friendly and efficient service. And best of all, flavorful and unique food, prepared perfectly.

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