Where are the best sandwiches in Buenos Aires?

We’ve scowered the city and eaten plenty of bread stuffed full of everything from pork belly to portobello mushrooms in search of the best sandwiches in Buenos Aires. Braised pork seems to be our favored protein, but sandwiches stuffed with roast beef, sirloin steak, fried chicken and hot sliced pastrami also made the list. We left no stone unturned in our search for the Best Sandwiches in Buenos Aires.

Pastrami and Fries

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Fried Chicken Sandwich

at NOLA in Palermo

NOLA Buenos Aires Palermo   NOLA’s cajun fried-chicken sandwich is crispy, crunchy, creative goodness on a bun. A chicken breast, breaded and flash-fried Southern USA-style on a fresh bun. Choose your sauce from the squeeze bottles full of spicy cajun personality. Our preference is the one labeled “PICANTE!” (HOT!). You can counter the heat with a cold pint of the craft beer brewed in house. About five varieties are available for you malt lovers.

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Hot Pastrami Sandwich

at La Crespo in Villa Crespo

La Crespo Buenos Aires The hot pastrami sandwich at La Crespo isn’t only a reasonable facsimile of the New York City deli classic, it perhaps exceeds the classic. The pastrami is flavorful and hot. And here’s the important part . . . it’s sliced almost paper-thin and a nice batch of it is piled high on a dark, delicious and moist slice of a pumpernickel(ish) bread, along with caramelized onions. And, of course, it’s served with a crisp deli-style pickle. This is a rare find in Latin America. A pastrami sandwich that lives up to the Katz’s Deli variety they serve up in NYC.

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Pernil Sandwich at Caracas Bar

at Caracas Bar in Palermo Soho

 Pernil Sandwich Caracas Bar Buenos Aires

The pork shoulder on the pernil sandwich at Caracas Bar is slow-roasted for a few hours at very low temperature in the oven, then piled high on a fresh oregano-flavored roll with melted cheese and drenched in a delicious “meatball” sauce. It’s accompanied by potato chips. This gastropub also offers excellent stuffed arepas and a variety of other Venezuelan street-food classics.

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BBQ Pork Sandwich

at Shout in Retiro / Plaza San Martín

Shout Bondiola Sandwich Shout Café and Bistro’s BBQ pork sandwich is a winner. How refreshing to find a sandwich in a Buenos Aires restaurant that doesn’t have a mound of arugula leaves stuffed into the sandwich. The star condiment on this sandwich is tart pickled slaw that offset the sweet barbecue sauce that’s poured over that braised pork shoulder. Almost as unique, are the “shoestring” fries accompanying the sandwich. All this is very unique for Buenos Aires. Which is likely why the sandwich made our list of the top sandwiches in the city.

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Lomito Porteño

at La Rambla in Recoleta

La Ramba Lomito Porteño Buenos Aires La Rambla’s Lomito Porteño sandwich is a surprisingly good version of the Argentine classic served up in a corner café behind the city’s grand old hotel, the Alvear in Recoleta. The steak is cut into bite size strips, perfectly grilled, piled on a simple white roll, and topped with grilled peppers. It’s so simple. But it works.

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