Where are the best gastropubs in Buenos Aires?

This category encompasses restaurants that double as bars, deriving as much or profit from liquor and beer sales as from food. Patrons go to drink, eat or in most cases, both. And, in Buenos Aires, some of the city’s best restaurants happen to fall into this category. Many serve gourmet-quality food. Others have great specialty foods such as hamburgers or pizza, but do them better than most restaurants specializing in that type of food. Of course, if you’re looking for a subdued or romantic dining experience, this group is not your best choice. But if you’re looking for a high-energy restaurant where you can enjoy artisanal beer or high-quality cocktails in additional to exceptionally good food, these restaurants will do the trick.

Best Bars in Buenos Aires

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Retiro – Plaza San Martín

Shout Entrance Buenos Aires

Shout Bar & Brasas has good food and good libations. Well managed with a friendly staff. This restaurant/bar gets way less press than it should. Food and cocktails are on par with nearby Florería Atlántico and Basa without having to wait for a table or a place at the bar (usually). Close to the downtown hotels near Plaza St Martín and the hotels in Retiro.

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Palermo Hollywood

Tesla Palermo Hollywood Buenos Aires

Trendy loft-style décor, better than average tapas and sandwiches (we prefer the former) and artisanal beer on tap at reasonable prices make Tesla a good choice for food and drink in Palermo Hollywood. Busy, but usually not crowded.

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Caracas Bar

Palermo Soho

 Pernil Sandwich Caracas Bar Buenos Aires

The pork shoulder on the pernil sandwich at Caracas Bar is slow-roasted for a few hours at very low temperature in the oven, then piled high on a fresh oregano-flavored roll with melted cheese and drenched in a delicious “meatball” sauce. It’s accompanied by potato chips. This gastropub also offers excellent stuffed arepas and a variety of other Venezuelan street-food classics.

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Peugeot Lounge

Palermo Hollywood . Puerto Madero

Peugeot Lounge Buenos Aires

Nice décor with a French theme and an antique Peugeot sitting at the door. Pretty good finger foods and sandwiches. Cocktails and Patagonia beer. Good choice for sharing a drink with a friend. Occasionally they have high-quality live music (female jazz/pop singer on the occasion we were there). Average age of the patrons? 30 years.

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NOLA Palermo Buenos Aires

Serving up U.S. Cajun cuisine and having a wide range of self-brewed artisanal beers is enough to attract a sizeable crowd most evenings that spills out onto the sidewalk when weather permits. It’s got a good “bar vibe” and the food’s tasty enough to include this ultra-casual restaurant/bar in our gastropub category. It’s a younger crowd, most sporting multiple tattoos.


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Florería Atlántico


Floreria Atlantico Retiro Buenos Aires

Florería Atlántico is the most popular bar in Buenos Aires and usually has an hour wait for a table to prove it. It’s buried in the basement below a faux-flower shop and the bartenders are shaking and blow-torching up a variety of custom cocktails that are sure to please in true speakeasy fashion. Enjoy seafood grilled on the parilla that’s gourmet quality with a laid-back personality.

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Nearby Florería Atlantico might be the busiest bar in town but Basa wins the prize for the most uppity. Gucci bags and Tissot watches. Everyone there is there to be seen or see who’s there. That said, the ambiance is impressive, the bartenders friendly and attentive and the food top quality on every occasion we’ve dined there. Average age of the crowd is about 45.




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Pony Line


Pony Line Bar Four Seasons Buenos Aires

Pony Line, at the Four Seasons Hotel, rates high on anyone’s list of the top bars in the city. Slightly less glitzy locals than nearby Basa, but still a nice crowd. Average age about 45. Pony Line was crowned the winner in our search for the restaurant with the best burger in town and thus one a place on our list of the best gastropubs in Buenos Aires.




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Multiple Locations throughout Argentina

Antares Buenos Aires Las Cañitas

Antares is Argentina’s most prolific brewer of craft beer and they operate about three dozen brew-pub restaurants all over Argentina. Antares offers a variety of self-brewed beers and ales, from stout to sissy lagers. And the food is top-notch for a bar. This is a more down to earth crowd than many of the high-end bars on our gastropub list, averaging about 25 to 30 years old.




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